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Ryle High School Athletic Facility Renovation Project
Ryle High School is dedicated to the development of the entire Ryle community. It is our goal to continue providing programs such as Special Olympics, summer camps, band concerts, walk-a-thons, Union Raider Football, Track & Field and many more. 
Ryle is committed to focusing the energy, talent, experience, and knowledge of the entire Ryle High School and surrounding community toward its greatest asset, our youth.

Why Are We Raising The Funds
Ryle’s New Turf Field for school and community use:
  • Current facility completed in 1992 for 1,000 students
  • Growth in area = 2,000 plus students projected by 2019 .  Currently 1,936 students enrolled 
  • Teams using the stadium - Football, Soccer ,Track / Cross Country, Baseball, Basketball & Softball Preseason Training, Cheerleading, Band & Dance team.
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Band
  • Special Olympics
  • Union Raider Football
  • Track & Field
  • Summer Camps
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